About Us

Vision & Mission

Christ-centered community, serving one another with love

1. To nurture active participation in the church with the Eucharist as the source and summit of Christian Life.
2. To foster the spirit of unity in diversity.
3. To intensify on-going faith formation.
4. To enhance living the Gospel values through deeper understanding on the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church.
5. To promote vocation
6. To foster family values

Map of Sabah that highlights the Diocese of Sandakan,constituting St.Mary’s Cathedral Parish of Sandakan, St.Martin Parish of Telupid, St.Dominic Parish of Lahad Datu, Our Lady of Fatima Parish of Beluran, Holy Trinity Parish of Tawau and Paitan Mission. 

An abstract drawing of a boat which symbolizes the Church and Divine light that shines through the Church in the Diocese of Sandakan.

The seven (7) people in different colours and shapes representing the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural community in the Diocese of Sandakan.

The cross symbolizes that Jesus Christ is the center of the church and to fix our focus on Him alone in which our faith depends on, from the beginning to the end. (Hebrew 12: 2)


The Holy Spirit, God’s loyal helper sent to assist in our journey towards becoming the Christ – centered community, serving one another with Love.